Weighting for the iPhone 6

Supply-chain leaks have given us a pretty good idea of at least one of the iPhones Apple will probably show next week. We’re all expecting a bigger screen, a thinner device, and lots of magic. One bit of magic that really impressed me when I first picked up my iPhone 5 back in 2012 is how amazingly light it was …

network access

I suppose in 1994 my household,
rare with multiple internet-connected computers,
used at most 2.5GB/month of dial-up network access.

Today my 2014 household, smaller than my parents home,
although with even more network-connected computers,
uses more than 250GB/month.

20 years; 100x demand for network access.
Will we be using 25TB/month in 2034?

Even if network access advances slow,
I think we’ll be using more than 2.5TB/month before we know it.