network access

I suppose in 1994 my household,
rare with multiple internet-connected computers,
used at most 2.5GB/month of dial-up network access.

Today my 2014 household, smaller than my parents home,
although with even more network-connected computers,
uses more than 250GB/month.

20 years; 100x demand for network access.
Will we be using 25TB/month in 2034?

Even if network access advances slow,
I think we’ll be using more than 2.5TB/month before we know it.

Bitcoin is the currency the Internet needs

Civilization requires more than bits and bytes. It requires contracts, provable facts, titles, notarization, identity.

These things cannot be accommodated on the internet. They require outside actors, like banks. The internet is full of junk, it pretends that a lot of it’s stuff is free, which of course a lie, so it’s full of lies; it’s a hustle.

The problem is you need an external networks like banks to conduct provable transactions. Bitcoin is a breakthrough in information theory that allows us, without accessing outside the network, to conduct provable, time-stamped, unchangeable transactions …