Self-driving “cars”

I think the future is going to be weirder than we can possibly imagine. I’ve been thinking on Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age as it pertains to self driving cars. The protagonist there has a “car”, which is a nanotech constructed “robot horse”, that looks like the real thing. Horses are the original self-driving transportation. …

iOS9 iPad Multitasking & Keyboard

iOS 9 reveals at WWDC this week have gotten me really excited about the iPad again. As much as I like my iPad I still struggle to adapt using multiple apps on OS X to do work to the single-app-at-a-time model of the iPad. But the new multitasking and keyboard updates make the iPad a real contender for replacing my laptop. …

natural capitalism

Advertising & pay-to-play business models have a lot in common with some socialist ideas I’ve heard.

With advertising, everyone pays a little (attention) for a lot of stuff they don’t value, so everyone can have much more value. It’s hard to realize that we regularly see advertising we feel is valuable. There’s just so much of it that’s not valuable to each of us, and because when we’re motivated to click it stops being “advertising” to us.

Pay-to-play games allow billions of people to get a very high quality gaming experience for zero money, because a tiny fraction of users (the 0.01%) pay a lot of money for in-app-purchases.