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iPhone 5(S) case shopping

Getting a toddler changed after swim class can mean you forget your phone is in your pants pocket. Concrete + iPhone 5 + 5 foot drop = shattered screen.¬†Got a new replacement iPhone from the Apple store which took about 20 min. I didn’t have Apple care so … $300. Ouch, but at least I get a new battery and ¬†unblemished chamfer.

After 7 years of iPhones and adamantly never using a case, I’ve gone and bought my first iPhone case ever, two in fact. I figure I’d try two ends of the case-spectrum; a super slim case and a shock-protected grippy case:

Slimmest full protection
Desmay New Slight 5 (review)

Highly rated shock protection & grippiness
Speck PixelSkinHD iPhone 5 (review)

I’ll share my thoughts and compare these here soon.


Desmay New Slight wins, hands-down. Both are great cases. I lose the front face protection of the excellent Speck case, but the New Slight protects the chamfers all around and is nearly imperceptible.

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