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A changed photographer

I’ve recently realized I’ve changed a lot as a photographer since I first got my hands on digital camera tech, an Apple QuickTake. Internal storage so you could take eight 320×240 images. But who cares it looked like Luke Skywalker’s binoculars. Good times.

I was just getting into film photography in my early teens, pillaging my dad’s kit to hack myself into semi-reliably taking decent shots, and even tried out my own dark-room developing.

I avoided digital at first. In those early years everyone was saying there was no way digital was going to ever compete with film. I think they just didn’t understand Moore’s-law. But before anyone knew it was a moot argument, suddenly everyone, even the pros, used digital gear.

It also got really cheap, really fast. For the first few cameras I would take lots and lots of pictures. While the quality of digital cameras were “good-enough”, they more than made up for this with the ability to shoot hundreds and even thousands of photos, and delete photos off the camera to make more space.

In recent years we’ve abandoned our family digital cameras and use solely our two iPhones to capture our lives. But also I find myself taking fewer and fewer pictures and preferring to focus on enjoying what’s happening.

I’ve heard people complain about how everyone has their smartphone constantly distracting them away from the moment. But thanks to there being so many (smartphone) cameras at our family gatherings, everyone can be in the moment more because only a few pics from half a dozen cameras* is sufficient to capture some great memories.

*usually 4 iPhones, a couple iPads, a compact digicam, and at least one DSLR, a full-frame D800e with great glass

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