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Wearables Today

Remember the MPMan? It was one of the first MP3 players. ┬áIt blazed trails, but in hindsight it really wasn’t all that good.


I think this is about where we are with wearables today. Fitbit, GalaxyGear, Pebble; there’s a lot of great design that’s gone into some of these products, but they’ll soon all seem as dorky as the MPMan does today.

When I was a kid MIDI greeting cards were state-of-the-art. Now dancing & singing cards are filling that space. Soon, $8 birthday cards will have Pebble-class guts.

20 years from now we will be able to carpet every square meter of a city with iPad-class, solar-powered, networked sensors & computation for less than we pay to clean up gum litter today.

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