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iPhone 6 Plus

My first reaction to the iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple store was “Not for me, this is way too big!”. But Magda got hers this week, and after just brief encounters with it I still think it’s big, but I’m not so sure anymore if it’s too big.

It feels like an iPad mini and an iPhone got together and had a child. It’s not quite an iPad ‘nano’, and not quite a big iPhone. It’s a new thing, and it’s glorious! The hardware craftsmanship is truly remarkable, even more remarkable than the iPhone 5 was, which I still marvel at after 2 years with it.

A device I’m reminded of when I hold the iPhone 6 Plus is the OQO tablet PC. While it was a device very much ahead of it’s time, I think the iPhone 6 Plus is what the OQO wanted to be; a remarkable handheld computer. The OQO had a 5″ 800×480(pixel) screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus has a comparable yet immensely better 5.5″ 736×414(point) screen. I struggle sometimes to create content on the 4″ screen of my iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 Plus immediately feels much more usable; with its keyboard exposed there is more content visible than on my iPhone 5 with the keyboard hidden.

The iPhone 6 Plus is not really just a smartphone. It is much more a pocket MacBook Air, which is the computer I have always wanted. I can’t wait to see what the iPhone 6S Plus offers next fall when I’m planning on replacing my iPhone 5.

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