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iOS9 iPad Multitasking & Keyboard

iOS 9 reveals at WWDC this week have gotten me really excited about the iPad again. As much as I like my iPad I’ve struggled to adapt my habits to do work in the single-app-at-a-time model of the iPad. But the new multitasking and keyboard updates make the iPad a real contender for replacing my laptop.

Slide Over, Split View, & Picture in Picture

Split View will allow me to “work with a reference” as I do windows side-by-side on OS X. Whether it’s wikipedia and a spreadsheet, or Google image search results and a drawing app, I’m really excited about this. Slide Over is going to be great for quickly jumping into a Messages thread, and ever since Youtube added Picture in Picture to their app browsing I’ve wished I could do the same everywhere.

Easy text selection & shortcut buttons.

Editorial is my favourite text app because it has the most amazing tool – an extra row above the keyboard – that offers quick cursor scrubbing without obscuring the line of text with a finger. I’m so happy this idea has made into the stock keyboard with text selection. Combined with Split View I’m expecting a big boost to my productivity on an iPad.

One more thing…

The one thing I’m still wishing for is Cintiq like low-latency & pressure sensitivity as well as a pin point stylus. I do a lot of sketching on iPads, and I have 4 different 3rd party styli. I enjoy it. But the latency is still a little frustrating (especially on an iPad Mini) and if you want a pin-point stylus you tend to give up pressure sensitivity.  If Apple builds it in – maybe through some variation on Force Touch – I expect it to have much lower latency, and hopefully a pin-point stylus.

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