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Self-driving “cars”

I think the future is going to be weirder than we can possibly imagine.

I’ve been thinking on Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age as it pertains to self driving cars. The protagonist there has a “car”, which is a nanotech constructed “robot horse”, that looks like the real thing. Horses are the original self-driving transportation.

Boston Dynamic's Spot

Boston Dynamic’s Spot

Consider the descendants of Big Dog or Spot, and imagine a near-future world where “cars” look more like small living rooms with giant horse-like legs, or maybe carriages drawn by a team of robots, running & galloping from place to place.

robot horse concept based on Boston Dynamics's Spot robot

The dexterity such a robot would offer may enable a future not only without parking, but one without the need for roads. These robot horses would also offer significant safety advances, as legs enable them to nimbly leap out of each others way, just as horses in a herd do.

“Driving” might become safer than flying.


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