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Any decent pan, when it’s heated to around 200°C (392F) will behave non-stick due to the leidenfrost effect. Don’t do anything to drop the pan’s temp too much (like putting too much room-temp food into it) and with only a tsp of oil almost nothing will stick to the pan. This temp also drives a perfectly paced maillard reaction to add loads of golden flavour while leaving meat super moist.

  1. Heat pan.
  2. Check for temp by adding a drop of water … If it sizzles, it’s not hot enough. If it acts like a ball of mercury, it’s ready.
  3. Heat oil … But not for too long, don’t let it burn (fyi clarified butter has a high smoke-point and is delicious).
  4. Place meat into pan … But not too much at once, and wait for some colour before turning.