Could the digital camera return?

Stand alone digital camera sales have been in pretty step declines lately. But what if we look ahead a little? 5-10 years from now it’s very likely we’ll be wearing our personal computers. The iPhone is an amazing digital camera but what happens when people stop carrying their iPhones and go with just their smartwatches? Watches might get cameras but I think they will be too awkward for most people in most use cases.

How about a Zippo lighter sized digital camera? It would need to be beautiful, but also super durable, and work seamlessly with any device through WiFi or Bluetooth or whatever radio we’re using a decade from now. We can already fit an awesome camera into something key-fob/Zippo-lighter sized, and I would be totally into going mobile with just a LTE smartwatch & a tiny SLR-quality wireless camera on my keychain.

Update – I’ve suddenly realized that I’m essentially imagining a slightly smaller, more beutiful GoPro camera. I would not be surprised to see GoPro expand its line to include more fashion focused versions.

Podcasts are a thousand times better than Facebook

It’s pretty well known that Facebook has over a billion users.
But did you know that iTunes hosts over a billion podcast subscriptions?

Podcasts have a CPM of $20-$45.

Facebook’s average of their top 5 sector CPMs (dating, deals, consulting, fashion, tech) is $0.25.

Podcasts attract 100x more advertising dollars than Facebook. But I think there’s another ~10x effect that comes from focusing on a niche. Segmentation is value.

Venusian Cloud Cities

I never understood the appeal of Mars colonization. Venus is closer than Mars, and while its surface is harsher than inside a pressure-cooker, at ~50km altitude air pressure is equal to Earth at sea-level and the temperature a comfy 20-30C. Plus because Venus has a dense, mostly CO2 atmosphere, the breathable-air reserve required for a human habitat would be buoyant enough to float a colony permanently in the clouds. I for one would prefer to live in a bright Venusian cloud city than a dry, dusty, cold, dark underground cave on Mars.

Although future Venusian cloud cities might want to keep their operations small enough not to be noticed, you know, to stay out of the jurisdiction of the Empire. 😛