iPad mini first impressions

I dropped by the Apple store the other day over lunch to check out the new iPad mini. It’s a really interesting device. Here are my initial impressions:

  • It’s really light. I could easily hold it at the bottom next to the home button between two fingers.
  • The narrow bezel on the sides seems to handle non-input screen touches well. I could still interact with the screen with one had while the fingers on the hand I was holding it with encroached onto the edges of the screen.
  • The front camera is very good.
  • The screen is… adequate. It’s no retina screen, but it’s better than my 1st gen iPad. I did however find it seems much further from the surface of the cover glass than my iPhone 5.

Would I get one? No. My 1st gen iPad is still fine for my needs. But I will replace my current iPad with an iPad mini when Apple sticks a retina screen in there. That would give the mini a PPI equal to the iPhone 5, and make it an irresistible device.