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Open society is better

During the bloody settlement of America, Native warriors would sometimes kidnap agrarian Christian colonialists. Some would be adopted by a tribe’s family, meant to replace the members they lost in battle. But they were instantly made an equal of the tribe and put to work. Native society was appealing enough that many of the kidnapped resisted rescue and some even escaped the colonies to rejoin their adopted tribe. Maybe the effectiveness of early Native societies was at least partially due to the openness of it?

North American Native tribes being nomadic, if you didn’t like how your tribe was being managed you could pack up and join your cousin’s up river. This highly competitive environment would suck most of the profit out of managing the group. The fewer places I can move to, the more leverage my current location has over me. Maybe if we want to have a more equal & fair world, we should strive to be more open, and encourage the free flow of people, ideas, and capital as much as possible.

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