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Magda got me a MisFit Flash for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now. It does a decent job of tracking my steps and sleep patterns but the insights it’s triggered on wearables in general have been somewhat surprising, particularly the fashion angle. One of the first things I thought when putting on the MisFit Flash in its wrist strap was how I felt like I was wearing a plastic hospital bracelet. This irked me much more than I thought it would. I now see why Apple has taken so much care in getting the fashion side of their Watch just right. Techies don’t generally get fashion so it’s invisible, until it’s not.

Take a look at these 56 wearables at CES. While I haven’t seen an Apple Watch in the flesh yet, It already looks like it’s a million times better from a fashion point of view than almost any of these other options.