VR Kitbashing

Adobe Medium has a “stamps” feature and a library of pre-made stamps that you can […]

Concept Helicopter

https://vimeo.com/497067581 Sci-fi helicopter concept modelled in Adobe Medium, rendered with the ToonKit add-on in Blender.

Bug Mecha

Adobe Medium VR sculpt. Mixture of kitbashing stamps and hard surface modelling, as well as […]

Robo Kick

https://vimeo.com/496684702 Modelled the robot in Gravity Sketch on the Quest 2, then added a couple […]

Moebius in 3D

I’ve been a huge Moebius (Jean Giraud) fan since I first saw his work as […]

Head Sculpt

VR Sculpted head in Adobe Medium. Clay shader I bought, lighting, and rendering in Blender. […]