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So much for that

I really wanted to use my website as my primary place for sharing in 2021, but that’s not at all how things are turning out so far.

Trying to reduce my social media burden, I replaced Instagram with Twitter, got into that, and pretty much forgot about my blog. Plus I’ve been having fun with Instagram Reels – it’s pulling me back in.

In an effort to get back to using this space, here’s a sci-fi truck I doodled in VR using Adobe Medium and Blender:

Adobe Medium has a “stamps” feature and a library of pre-made stamps that you can use to kitbash ideas quickly into form. You can combine and edit stamps, and then make new stamps from this effort. You can also import stamps from .obj files, so I can craft some components with HardOpsĀ  & Boxcutter in Blender, then use these as stamps in Adobe Medium. Or buy packs of dozens of premade kitbash objects and import. Both these sculpts here were pretty quick to do, taking me maybe 20min. This approach is super fun.