Jason Prini

Moebius in 3D

I’ve been a huge Moebius (Jean Giraud) fan since I first saw his work as a child – I didn’t know until I was much older that a lot of my favorite art were all Moebius works, I just knew what I liked.

In my journey learning to bend Blender to my will, I’ve been working on methods for recreating the things I love about Moebius’s style in 3D.

Here is a panel from a Moebius graphic novel that I decided to try to recreate:

Moebius comic clip

First video is an early test of my approach in Blender using Freestyle rendered outlines – some marked, some auto generated – as well as some handdrawn Grease Pencil line work. I found the flat subtle gradient material to really work well.

The temporal wobble is due to adding a noise modifier to the Freestyle line-set.

Here’s the result of some kitbashing from the initial prototype. 

And here is the completed project, next to the work that inspired it. 

Moebius comic clip

Here’s another Moebius inspired Blender project using the same methods: