A new year again. 

Will the 2020s roar or be something much weirder?

For me this is looking like it will be a year of VR 

About four years ago I got a chance to try out the then new generation of VR hardware; the HTC VIVE. I was totally captivated by the potential of VR and I remember downloading Blender later that day because I was so excited to start creating for the VR epoch. I felt it was still very early, so I decided to focus on getting a decent foundation 3D creation skill stack before investing in hardware. Starting with Blender, then dabbling in Unity a bit, but mostly hobby-level effort of getting familiar with SubD modelling, sculpting, materials, lighting, simulations, animation, compositing, and a zillion other things. “3D” sits at the intersection of art & craft that has always held a huge attraction for me. Late last year I got myself a Quest 2 and more recently a new PC with enough power to keep up with everything I throw at it.

Creating in VR is an astonishing delight so far; a bicycle for creative expression. Software like Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Medium, Quill – all amazing to create with. And I’ve found it easy to fold these VR tools into my desktop creative workflow.

Resolving to work towards returning this blog as my primary content posting channel. I see it as “working in public” – filled with a combination of my 3D art and web page design that’s a little too out there (or maybe just terrible) for use at work. Here’s some early fun with Tilt Brush and Blender:

Here goes nothing!