Current Work

eLearning Developer Lead, Opening Minds

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Working on the Research and Learning Design team, I develop and implement the eLearning strategy for the Opening Minds group at the Commission. Taking a design thinking approach, I work with learning experts, operations, academic research partners, and reference groups to manage the design, development, and implementation of a learning management system for developing and delivering multimedia online mental health training to learners across North America.

A key feature of the custom LMS platform I’ve developed is a custom set of learning content authoring tools. This “Lego kit” enables rapid construction of interactive online learning products, and has lowered the technical skill set required to create engaging learning experiences. The system is expandable and modular. It offers maximum flexibility for using the best interactive learning components available today, as well as being open to easily add future innovations.

Using this system, I have produced and managed the production of a growing library of interactive eLearning courses. This includes both self-paced material as well as material supporting both in-person and live virtual online cohort training. We have also expanded the LMS to train new facilitators.

The LMS application and courses I’ve built for the Mental Health Commission of Canada supports thousands of facilitators in their delivery of bilingual mental health eLearning. Over 110,000 participants across Canada have taken mental health training using this learning system, and we are working hard to keep up with accelerating growth.

The system also has a custom enroll-by-code sub-system. This includes a way to generate codes and manage code enrollment logic. This allows Opening Minds the flexibility to sell batches of codes to thousands of independent facilitators and corporate clients, while also easily enabling internally managed cohorts and integrating the Salesforce CRM.